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Wooden Box Type Sarvang Vashpa Swedan Yantra With Steam Generator

Full-body steam bath made of water resistance Hardwood & Ply board. Specifically designed as a box for weak patients to have steam bath in lying down position.


  • Patient's head rests on wooden pillow out Side the chamber & body rest on wooden mesh inside the box.
  • The lid is fitted with water proof ply board & lid opens on hinges for convenience of the patient to enter.
  • Steam is generated electrically & passes through rubber / copper pipes in the box from both sides and can be controlled by gate valve.


Construction Box constructed of water resistance Teak-wood and water proof ply.
Power 3kw
Heater 220V AC
Timer 60 minutes, to control the working of steam generator
Temperature Unit is fitted with Temperature Controller cum Indicator
Size 84" long x 32" wide x 33" high
Finish Inside painted and outside is polished natural
Steam-Generator Heavy Aluminum body, with Safety valve, Steam control Valve & Pressure Gauge.
Herbal Basket Perforated Stainless Steel Herbal Basket on stand is provided for Placing Herbs in steamer.

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